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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Raised As An Angel

Raised As An Angel by Gary J McCleary

Michael could never understand why he would have glimpses of other lives in bits and pieces.  He wanted to become one of the Guardians, the highly advanced Beings, after much studying.  Jonathon, the most senior Guardian, would only explain what he felt was necessary at the time.
Henry, who was once called Mike, had changed his name after he fled to Australia due to certain circumstances.  He too could not understand why he felt a closeness to Michael, even so far as to experience certain aspects of his life.
John, who some called “The Preacher”, although he did not like that title, was one who wanted people to understand their true need-one of love, not materials possessions.
Although this had great potential, I felt it dragged on.  I also do not like a long run on story.  This was written in 3 sections, Part I, Part II and the Epilogue.  No chapters for any type of break.  In addition, the Kindle version did not convert well from the written form, the page numbers of the written work were mixed in with the text of the Kindle version.  While it took a while to understand the characters and how they became what they are, it was a good story, albeit a bit long and drawn out.