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Monday, March 11, 2013

I Punch the General

I Punch the General by I. Flowers

It is the year 2248 and the planet Earth is doomed.  Overpopulation, lack of food and natural resources has caused the human race to be on the verge of extinction unless a solution can be found.  The most intelligent scientists have tried to discover another planet similar that the people can be transported to.

Gilese 581 g seemed to fit the criteria.  The distance was not too great, the atmosphere was similar, everything seemed to be acceptable, except the inhabitants already living there.  The scientists were unable to reconcile with the locals, called the Idakan, so the best of the military were sent to try to take over.

Kevin is one of the soldiers, but as time went by with no success, Kevin began to have dreams of communicating with one of the Idakan, but the dream made him think of his present situation.  Other soldiers were becoming bored of the losing situation, Earth had forgotten about them, their supplies were almost non-existent and there was no more hope of success.  

The only one still acting very military was the General.  Being a career military man, his motto was never to give up.  While the story goes on with numerous characters, the lack of ever returning home makes them all think of what they should do.  Written through the viewpoints of different soldiers and their struggle to survive on a distant planet.  Nice flow, easy to follow and plenty of characters to keep it interesting.