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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Legends Lost: Galdin

Legends Lost:  Galdin by Nova Rose

A thousand years ago the lands of Tesnayr were at battle, five hundred years ago Amborese helped the lands of Tesnayr that were in battle again.  Now it is Princess Nylana’s turn to end the battles.

The 5 lands of Tesnayr had been at peace, but the death of the King ended that.  Krispyn, Nylana’s brother, was crowned King in his place, but was on a 6 month review.  The people were in an uproar with the way Krispyn was ruling.  The battles were beginning.  Nylana was always a peaceful person, always seeing the best in everyone and helping any who needed it.  In her travels to help calm the people, she was captured.  In a strange twist of fate, she finds her long lost brother, Galdin, that everyone that was dead.  In her quest to restore peace, more and more battles are occurring, and the Orcs with their red eyes that paralyze seem to be under the control of someone, but who and how.

Holding true to the previous books in the series, numerous characters with all types of personalities, the good and the evil.  Lots of action to keep you turning pages.  Nice flow makes it easy to follow and hope for the return of peace to the lands of Tesnaryr.