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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Bride Wore Chocolate

The Bride Wore Chocolate by Shirley Jump

Your soul mate, to some it’s easy to find, to Candace, it was more of pros against cons, and Barry fit her very organized way of life.

Three weeks before the wedding and so many things went wrong.  First off, the store where Candace bought her wedding gown burned to the ground, along with her dress.
Then the invitations, and one thing after another.  Her grandmother would say these are signs, but Candace did not believe in those signs.  Barry was going to be her huband.  Everything would go as planned.

Her best friends decide she needs a night on the town before the wedding.  The next thing Candace knows is she is nearly naked in someone’s bed.  But it’s not her bed, and it’s not Barry’s bed, so who’s bed is it?

A hunk of a gorgeous man!  That’s who’s bed it is.  Candace could hardly believe what she saw.  And how did she end up there???!!!???!!!  Ok, quick explanation and she is out of there.  Only why did her friends let her go home with someone?  And why can’t she keep thinking about Michael?  Ok, back to work and she’ll put Michael out of here memory forever.

Candace and here friends own a gift basket shop.  New client should be stopping in soon to talk about a very large new account with them.  Guess who the new client is?  Michael of course.  So much for forgetting about him.  The more Candace wants to forget him, the more she thinks about him.  But Barry is her perfect match.  But how can she keep thinking of Michael.  A hunk every girl drools over.

Now it’s just days before the wedding.  What is Candace to do?  Barry or Michael, Michael or Barry?  You have to read to see if everything goes as planned.

Plus you will savor all the chocolate recipes along the way.  A bit of humor, family relationships, friendships and love all mixed into an enjoyable read.