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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Priority Target

Priority Target by Ethan Jones

If you like the Justin Hall series, you will like this series with Carrie O’Connor.  If you haven’t read the Justin Hall books, you will still like this new series with Carrie O’Connor.

Ethan Jones has done it again.  As a teammate of Justin Hall in his series, Carrie now has her own series.  Keeping true to his writing style, Ethan has created a female agent ready to take on the world in order to protect her Canadian homeland.  In her first book, Carrie is sent to Somalia in search of a war lord.  With the help of some agents, Carrie learns of a drone strike that was initially meant for the war lord, but instead, numerous innocent men, women and children were killed.  Was this intentional or a mistake.  Carrie is determined to stay on task, as well as try to find the truth about the strike.

With minimal characters, the flow is steady and easy to keep reading until the end.  Never underestimate the power of a woman.  A few references to Justin Hall as a way to keep the two characters in touch, but even if you have not read any Justin Hall books, you will not be left behind to the references.  Loaded with action, Carrie does not disappoint, nor does her character overdo the female in charge.  She is believable, as any trained female agent could be, nothing outrageous or over the top.