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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Footprints of a Dancer

Footprints of a Dancer by Bob Avey

Detective Kenny Elliot got a call from an old friend from an old school that he had not seen in years.  They arranged for a meeting that never took place.

Laura Bradford had been someone they knew who disappeared years ago.  Why did Kenny think he saw her?  There more he tried to find his old friend, the more strange things began to happen.  Kenny does find his school friend, unfortunately, dead.  The more he tries to discover what happened, the more unusual things emerge.  The discovery of his body in some sort of ritual, only to disappear moments later.  People from the past who seem to disappear and homeless people with a great fear.  The more Kenny digs, the more he uncovers.

Loaded with suspense, a true detective thriller, with a touch of the paranormal and religion and a force from the dark side.  Twists and turns along the way with a bit of romance added in.  Plenty of characters to keep you interested.  A definite page turner to the end.