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Thursday, February 28, 2013


Submerged by Cheryl Kaye Tardif

Cheryl Kaye Tardif has done it again, another great suspense thriller.

Marcus Taylor was an EMT, but due to a drug addiction problem, became a 911 operator to continue to try to help people.  How ironic that an EMT would not be able to save his wife and child after their vehicle crashed.

Rebecca Kingsley was the wife of an abusive husband, but luckily he never hit his children, but that fear made Rebecca decide to divorce him, among other reasons, like his gambling problem and infidelity.

When Rebecca is run off the road, she called 911.  Marcus was on duty and answered her distress call.  With a busy night and all emergency vehicles elsewhere, he decided to break a few rules and attempt to find and rescue Rebecca and her children.

But who would want to kill Rebecca, and why?  The first suspect is always the husband, thought Rebecca doubted it could be him, no matter how violent he could get towards her, and no matter how unhappy the divorce was going to make him.  If it isn’t the husband, then who is it?

Great mix of characters to keep it real.  Marcus, a recovering drug addict, his best friend , Leo, with a past of his own.  Rebecca, an abused woman with two children, the presence of Jane and Ryan, Marcus’ beloved wife and son.

Definite page turner.  Keeps the suspense of trying to determine who is behind it all.  Plus the emotions of an EMT who lost his job from his abuse of drugs, the death of his wife and child, Rebecca and her abuse and fear for her children.  A must-read for anyone who loves suspense.