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Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Cancer Code

The Cancer Code by Andrew Findlay

Jim MacWaide loved research and the quest for knowledge in microbiology and quantum physics.  In his spare time working at the biggest pharmaceutical company in the world, he finally had discovered the cure for cancer.  He was proud of his accomplishment, as he should be, but his thoughts for the future of this cure and his companies ideas were two completely different things.

He never thought his life would be in danger, and what was once a simple easy-going man became a man on the run for his life, doing things he never thought possible.  Realizing his lack of real friends, it seemed his help came from total strangers in an effort to help him prove to the world he did not steal the formula, he created it, no matter what his employer, Gluck Schmidt Little claimed.

Travel with Jim as he tries to convince a few choice people his cure should be available to everyone for a reasonable price, not just for the elite who could afford it.  Had it not been for a warning note slipped under his door, he would have been dead.

Travel with Jim and see who wins the battle for the rights to cure cancer, Jim or the biggest pharmaceutical company in the world, affordable or for the elite only.

Select choice of characters, from Jim’s family to his employer to his co-workers to mere acquaintances, someone for everyone’s type of personality.  Easy to follow and page turning to see if Jim survives.