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Friday, November 22, 2013

P is for Prince

P is for Prince by Stu Gratton

Kenzia had one job, to protect the Royal Family, specifically, Prince William.  With the Olympic games in various areas around England, keeping the family safe and protected required quite a bit of coordination, and secrecy.

A tear gas released at a football game, a bomb exploding on the railroad tracks, what was next?  Who, or what, what was the target, and the point of it all.  Was it just one person/group, or were there multiple persons with numerous reasons.  And how is it that no matter how secret the plans are, or how quickly they change, the terrorist always knows the path to be taken or any of the other details?  Who in the Prince’s closest of guards is a spy?

As much as Kenzia knows the importance of guarding the Prince, she can’t help but notice his charm.  The Prince is well aware of his importance in trying to lure out the terrorist, and still keep himself and others out of harm’s way.

Loaded with twists and turns, action, adventure and plotting, you will keep reading to discover who the spy is, and what becomes of everyone involved.  Quite the cast of characters from the Royals to the security to the “Yanks” to the terrorists, someone for everyone’s taste.