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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Russian Hill

Russian Hill by Ty Hutchinson

Ty Hutchinson has done it again.

FBI Agent Abby Kane is on another case trying to solve another murder in San Francisco.  But when it seems this case may be part of a serial spree, the plot thickens.

Not only does Abby and her colleagues from the San Francisco Police Department have  few leads, but it seems the more they dig, the more confusing it becomes.  This is not someone looking for glory from these gruesome murders.  In fact, it appears the killer does not want to be acknowledged.  Tiny clues to the puzzle are what keep Abby going to determine not only who, but why.

Set in San Francisco with references to the great features of the city, Abby continues her search.  But what will she find?

Fast paced, page turning murder story.  Great characters to keep you interested.  Another great read from Ty.