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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Broken (The Djinn Wars Book 4)

Broken (The Djinn Wars Book 4) by Christine Pope

Continuing on in the Djinn Wars, Broken breaks away from the previous main characters Jessica and Jace, and instead takes two others characters from the series as the main focus, Julia and Zaharias.  Yes, you should read the series from the beginning.

Life goes on after Captain Margolis loses his battle.  He is now imprisoned.  Zaharias continues his leadership role in Santa Fe, while Julia is now the leader in Los Alamos.  Somehow Captain Margolis escapes his prison and is determined to take revenge.  The reasons why are an important part of the story.

Every love story needs a beginning.  Why Julia and Zaharias feel the need to not express their emotion towards one another also play a large part in the story.  If you have read the previous books in the Djinn Wars, you know Julia’s reason.  What you learn is Zaharias’s reason.

Keeping the same page turning excitement, and bringing in Jessica, Jace and some of the other characters from the previous books will have you wanting to not stop until the end.  Human and Djinn will work together again, or should I say still, in the battle against Margolis.  Changing main characters does not impact the desire to reach the end.  In addition, you will want to get the next in the series as quickly as possible.