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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Dragon Rose (Tales of the Latter Kingdoms, Book 2)

Dragon Rose (Tales of the Latter Kingdoms, Book 2) by Christine Pope

A Beauty and the Beast type fairy tale love story in the form of a dragon.

When you grow up living in a town where young girls enter a lottery to see who will be the next bride for the Lord of Black’s Keep, you come to expect the worst.  Rhianne liked to paint, something unheard of, no women shall do such a skill.  While she was of the age to be married, her parents tried to find her a proper suitor.  As luck would have it, an older gentleman was a prospect, but when her father is injured, her secret of painting is revealed.

On the day of the bride lottery, her best friend is chosen.  Knowing her best friend was to be married, Rhianne offered herself instead of her friend.  A never before occurrence, but the elders allowed it.  Rhianne had no idea what lay ahead, other than she would never see her family, friends or her town ever again.

Rhianne was whisked away to her future husband, the Dragon.  The ceremony was held immediately.  She was shown to her new rooms in a large castle, away from her previous life.

As time passes, she finds she has fallen in love with the Dragon, even though she has never seen him.  A slight touch, his voice, his build, all strike at her heart.  She is saddened that even though the Dragon seems to want her affection, he always stops short.  No one will reveal the truth behind the curse that caused this man to be sentenced to a life in a dragon form.  In addition, a strange dream keeps her painting a man she has never seen before.  Who is this man and why does he come to her in her dreams?

What will it take to break this curse, and can Rhianne finally be the one to do it?  Or will her town continue to find the next bride?

Well written to keep you turning pages.  Minimal characters but each have their own personality.  If you like love stories, or Beauty and the Beast, or fairy tale type stories, you will like this.