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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Codename: Makarov

Codename: Makarov by Ethan Jones

Carrie O’Connor is back again, this time in Pakistan.  As her luck would have it, the secret meeting is ambushed.  The more they look into the ambush, it seems there is a traitor among them.  In addition, rumor has it Justin, who has gone rogue, is in the area.

Continuing on with the mission and trying to determine who is the traitor, Carrie learns a bit more about Justin’s whereabouts, as well as some possible information about her father, who disappeared when she was young.

What can continue with the Taliban leaders when the meeting went wrong?  Can Carrier find Justin and bring him home?  What does she learn, if anything, about her father?  If you have read any of the Justin Hall series, you will see the relationship between Carrie and Justin. If not, he just seems a character from her past.

Loaded with action and espionage, another great spy thriller from Ethan Jones.  A mix of old characters and new ones.  Another suspense thriller that will keep you turning pages.