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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Wolf of Harrow Hall

The Wolf of Harrow Hall by Christine Pope

Tax time was coming near.  Bettany knew their grandmother did not have enough money.  What could they do, their income was meager.  What if they could borrow money from Lord Greymount with a promise to repay in the summer.  That that being the only option, Bettany set out to visit Lord Greymount at his castle.

Barely  making it through the snowstorm, Bettany awakes to find herself in a bed in someplace unfamiliar.  Somehow she was brought from the entrance to the inside of the castle.  Determined to please her case, Bettany is finally granted a visit to Lord Greymount.  Unable to leave the castle due to a great snowstorm, Bettany finds herself more intrigued with the Lord and wants to know more about him, and finds she has feelings for him.  But why does he live in a great castle with so few servants, and no women?  The more time she spends at the castle, the more the feelings grow and the more she wishes to learn more.  What mysteries does this great castle and this Lord hold?

Another wonderful fairy tale by Christine Pope.  With minimal characters, it is very easy to follow and become attached to Bettany, a simple girl with a goal.  The reading is light and easy.  This series is one that does not need to be read in any specific order.  Sit back, pick up a fairy tale and enjoy!