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Sunday, October 28, 2012


Grim by Joseph Spencer

Heath Grim was by all means a beast.  A war veteran with scars on his face, he was rarely seen by any without his mask.  His best friend, Craig, had been dead two years, but they continued to have conversations in Heath’s head.

Detective Adam White, the White Knight, was the savior come to town, arresting those criminals and making the city streets safer for all.  Unfortunately, Cyrus Black was not a fan of the detective, most of the city was on his payroll or under his rule in some form or another, including Mayor Terry Sandburg.

When murders began happening again, similar to those from years ago, the White Knight kept on fighting crime, especially when his wife was killed by what was called an ape mask.  Heath Grim also fought for justice, but in his own way.  And Cyrus Black repeated said “What Cyrus wants, Cyrus gets”, no matter how or who gets in the way.

Heath has his own past that the reader gets to know, a not at all pleasant past.  Vengeance has a price, but who is willing to pay that price, and what price for your soul?

Good mix of characters, each with their own secrets and past.  Keeps the reader turning the pages to see how it is all connected.  Although not too graphic or gory, it is a story of the deepest and darkest of souls.