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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Scutchamer Knob

Scutchamer Knob by Keith David Cooley

Set in England in the sixties when a different sort of music was happening, and so were the drugs.  Three friends who like to play music meet George and Cyn, and a new group if formed.  During their trials, practices and rehearsals, the story moves with how they get along, and don’t get along, but with a mysterious murder of a young girl at the Knob.  A strange individual comments along the way with obeying his “Master”, never quite knowing how he fits into the story, or who he is.

So many characters of all sorts, the rich George who likes everything his way, the individuals like Trevor, Terry and Roy who just wanted to play music together, the hippies, the drug dealers, etc.  The story works well with them learning with each other, seeing things evolving with the music changes that were happening in the 60’s.

Not until the end do you learn who the mysterious individual who serves his Master is revealed.  Very detailed about the feel of the music and the feel of the drugs, and how they sometimes play a role with each other.