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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Two Weeks in the South of France

Two Weeks in the South of France by David Christie

Murder, mystery, a wife in the United States and a girlfriend/mistress in France, who resembles the wife.  When Chris gets a call from his mother he needs to go to France to claim the body of his father, a father he barely knew, he finds he knew even less about him the more time he spent there.

A very wealthy man and business partner, Mark Voss was murdered in his hotel room, all because various groups were searching for a document he had been paid to find.  A document that could potentially ruin the lives of numerous people.  Luckily, Chris has the help of his father’s business partner, another very wealthy man with a lot of connections.

In the process of trying to find who killed his father was why, Chris is nearly killed himself.  Everyone is trying to keep his safe, telling him to go home as soon as the funeral arrangements are completed.  But Chris is more determined than that.  Spend the two weeks with Chris and find out the truth.

Very good who-done-it.  What was this important document, although you are never told how it came to be in his possession.  Certain parts seemed to be skimmed over, while others went into great detail.  Good mix of characters, even I was not sure who to trust, expecting twists and turns along the way.  Very minimal grammer/sentence/missing words structure that could have easily been corrected.  Although unrealistic that this could have been solved in such a short time frame, it was still an enjoyable read.