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Friday, May 3, 2013

A Bullet for Two

A Bullet for Two by Robert Strzalko

Jeb was a simple man who grew up with a sense or morals.  He thought the best of people, went to war to defend his country and shot for food, not for sport.

When Jeb heard the screams from a young girl in distress, he went to help.  His anger over seeing her being raped by not one, not two but three men took the better of him and he shot them dead.  They were no ordinary men, they were the mayor, the sheriff and a wealthy landowner.  Knowing he was now a wanted man, he took the half breed girl and fled.

The sons of the murdered men wanted revenge.  They formed their own posse and went out to search for him.  Other bounty hunters were after him for the reward, dead or alive.

While you travel with Jeb, you will see his hurt over losing his childhood sweetheart and how important this grandfather was to his life.  Simple details make it possible for you to imagine being there with Jeb.  The characters will leave you feeling exactly how they felt, the need for revenge, the search for a man for money, the love of a young girl and the feeling of losing everything that mattered.

Quick read but worth your time.