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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Japanese Dancer

The Japanese Dancer by Kevin Chapman

Adult Reading Material.

Interspersed with a few Spanish words, but a glossary at the end will help any who are not familiar with the words.

How could your life start out so good and turn around so bad so quickly?  That’s what happened to Marisa.

Her first 19 years weren’t perfect, but they were good overall.  Then she married at the age of 19, being innocent and a virgin, to Jose, a policeman, whose demeanor changed once they were married.  Their first night was a disaster that never happened.  After a few days of trying, Marisa sought the help of her childhhood doctor, only to find him unavailable, so sought the help of his son, also a doctor in the same practice.  While her marriage finally consummated, she also began a relationship with her doctor.  Thus begins her downfall.

Discovering she was pregnant with the doctor’s baby, she reconciled with her husband, only to have her secret admirer, Raul, discreetly inform Jose the true story about his wife.  One of her friends, Marisol, moves to Japan and marries, inviting Marisa to Japan to attend.  Once there, Marisa is trapped in a sex slave operation and unable to return to her home.  Working in the club one night, she met Travis, a man unlike the others who wanted to help her return to her home, her baby and her life.

The working girls in the story will tear your heart apart to feel what they are going through, with no hope for escape.  The others in the story will also have your emotions tugging at you.  The story flows nicely, easy to follow Marisa’s downward spiral and the decisions she made, whether right or wrong, good or bad.  This is an adult story, some situations do have graphic details.  Sex trafficking exists today and most of us are completely unaware, and even fewer are willing to help.  While this is a gripping subject, it is worthy of your time to read.