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Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Amanda Project Book 2 Revealed

The Amanda Project Book 2 Revealed by Amanda Valentino

Not having read book one, and never hearing of before, I began reading the book like I would any other.  Note to future readers - read book one first!
A story of a few teenage friends, not the most popular in school, looking for their missing friend, Amanda.  In an effort to try to locate their friend, they create a website,, hoping people will post clues or sitings on Amanda.
In addition to the strange disappearance of Amanda, other strange things begin to happen.  The vice-principal of their school is attacked and ends up in the hospital.  A local shopkeeper suddenly has all of Amanda’s belonging, including a mysterious box, with no explanation as to how she got it.
The more they try to do to find Amanda, the more mysterious and confusing things get.
Who is Amanda, really?  Will they find her?  Read the series and find out.