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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Color My Horse

Color My Horse by Bev Petersen

This is not your regular poor little rich girl story, or your typical love story.  This is the story of a girl born into a wealthy family who is determined to make it for herself.
Jessica Boone was born into a rich family.  Her father died too young and her mother went to work for her grandfather, who made her life miserable.  Jessica grew up and discovered skiing, and was very good at it, until one accident.  Forced to return to her grandfather’s home, she was pressured to come work for him and his company.  Knowing it was not what she wanted, she made a deal to work for someone else and prove she could do it, so she could open a dog kennel.
Here she meets Mark and starts to work at his horse barn, at the bottom position, knowing nothing about the care of horses.  Hard work, determination and a boss who falls in love with her, Jessica learns what she is capable of.
A true love story on so many levels - the love of horses, friends and your true love.
A must read for everyone.