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Friday, March 9, 2012

Nowhere To Go

Nowhere To Go by Iain Rowan

A collection of short stories.
1st bk - One Step Closer - good story, could feel what the man was feeling, willing to give it all up for that one step.
2nd bk - The Chain - new spin on a chain letter, but with much more serious intentions.
3rd bk - A Walk in the Park - Kept me on my toes at the end, wondering who would shoot who and who would survive
4th bk - One Of Us - Felt sorry for the girl in the story, hard life, kept trying, still hard, only to find her way to improve was by the people she hated in her life.
5th bk - Two Night’s Work - Good  con men story.  Felt sorry for the barkeep.
6th bk - Easy Job - What goes around comes around, serves him right for what he did.
7th bk - Fake - Another great con man story.
8th bk - Moths - Love is blind, especially when one cannot see the future, as it repeats from the exact same past.
9th bk - Chairman of the Board - slightly unnerving, being so bored to do dreadful things, including murder.
10th bk - Remains of my Estate - Even a dieing man still does good.
11th bk - Nowhere to Go - No way to anticipate he was foreseeing his own demise.