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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Haunted on Bourbon Street

Haunted on Bourbon Street by Deanna Chase

For anyone who is familiar with New Orleans, Louisiana, and the people who live there, it is not uncommon to hear about witches, spirits, voodoo, etc.  So when our main character Jade enters a local shop after moving there and finds a lovely old woman with magical powers, she spooks her, even though Jade has a unique ability of her own.
Being an empath tends to make one more reserved when it comes to opening up and making friends.  Most people will tend to shy away and be more nervous and afraid.  Luckily, Jade found some great friends when she moved to New Orleans, and a very interesting landlord who also owns the strip club next door, in addition to her best friend who convinced her to move there.
But what do you do when a ghost decides he wants to be a part of your life, first scaring you in your own bathroom!  Then invading your dreams with a very sexy presence.  How do you get rid of him?
Just enough romance without overdoing it, along with great friendship and some unique adventure!  A great read for everyone.