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Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Potion

A Potion by Sandeep Patel

Although a good story line, not very good translation for those reading in English.  Some sentences had either words missing or not the way someone from the United States would read.

Written in sections as if creating a recipe or experiment.  The first is to introduce the characters (the ingredients), the dragon Joule and the Master who live in a castle and the people of the other lands.  Next is how the people are working toward launching someone into space toward another land in order to find a way to help the people survive what is sure to be death, (the utensils).  This theme continues as you read the remainder of the story, how the character, Sainapat, is launched to the new world, how he worked towards contacting the people of his previous world and how he worked with the people of his new world to survive their impending doom.

Very descriptive of the lands of all the worlds, and great explanations of galaxies, planets and stars.  The characters are very believable and you can imagine yourself with any of them.  Very good read learning how to work with each other and how others deal with the difficult possibility their planet is nearing oblivion, not giving up hope, but fighting to survive.