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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Inside the Glass

Inside the Glass by L.E. Teigland

Inside the Glass is the story of a child.  A timid boy named Peter Smythe, who never knew his father because he was a fireman and had died two months before Peter was born.

His teacher, Mrs. Flood, assigned the class to write an essay about their father.  How was Peter to write about someone he did not know?

Coming home from school, he sat on his bed when a clock fell and hit him on the head.  To his mother, he looked unconscious, but in Peter’s mind, he had fallen through the pages of a book.

In his dreams he went on journeys with his rabbit friend, Dave, and a man similar to the image of his father, Ponce de Leon.  They traveled through time and places, always meeting the same people in various forms, especially “Big Boy”, the bully of his real life school.

“Things are not always as they seem” was a phrase someone had said to him, and as he traveled through the mixed up pages, Peter did learn a lot.

Without giving away the ending, you will enjoy traveling along with Peter and his friends.  Written in very good detail, you can imagine the places he travels and the people he meets.  Great cast of characters and an easy to follow story line.  A quick read to be enjoyed by everyone.