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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Door Beneath

The Door Beneath by R. P. Momsen

The Door Beneath

10 year old Alex and her 8 year old brother thought they were going to their Grandmother’s for a magical Christmas holiday.  Magical is exactly what they experienced.

After arriving at their Grandmother’s house and settling in for the night, they awoke to a mysterious sight.  Being inquisitive youngsters, they followed what they saw, only to be amazed.  Beautiful scenery, talking animals, castles that could not possibly be as large as what they seemed from the outside.

They meet a Baron and a Prince and are treated with the greatest of kindness in every way.  They have been taught to be kind themselves and find they are the key to solving a devastating problem.

Written through the eyes of the children, you can imagine their surprises at every turn along the way.  Very good young adult read.  My only problem was the transfer to an e-reader version was the page numbers appeared mixed in the text.  Otherwise, a nice fantasy read.