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Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Stolen Chalice: A Novel

The Stolen Chalice by Kitty Pilgrim

In the world of art and artifacts, everyone knows how priceless theses items can be.  What kind of a person would want to steal not just one item, but numerous items, located in numerous place, at the same time!  A mastermind?  A criminal, obviously, but what would you do with them since you cannot resell them?

The Stolen Chalice takes you into the world of the rich, the middle class doing their jobs, and the hard working lower class.  But who is in on the theft?  This type of heist needs so many involved in so many levels.

Travel the globe with archaeologist, John Sinclair, and an assorted cast of characters.  Written in great detail, you can imagine yourself there with them.

While the story is easy to follow and the chapters switch from one character/location to another, somewhere along the line, the theft of the chalice becomes a minimal point, while the other items take the forefront.  Well written and a definite page turner, I would recommend it for everyone looking for travel, adventure and some thrills.