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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Blind School

Blind School by John Matthews

Tracy seemed like your average teenager, loved to listen to loud music alone in her room, etc. until one day she took her father’s rifle and killed him, then proceeded to go to a local coffee shop and started shooting more people.  The odd thing was the someone was able to see an apparition surrounding her.

When Ellis Kendell from the FBI talked to some of the people in the coffee shop, only Ryan told him about the apparition.  Ryan’s friends all thought he was crazy, but Ellis knew better.

Ryan is not the only teenager who can see these special images, these fallen angels, and Ellis knows it.  Ellis takes Ryan and other teens to a special place, called “Blind School” where they are told they now need to wear special sunglasses all the time, and can never tell anyone about their special gift, not even their family.

These fallen angels are no longer good, and there are so many of them out there.  They shoot, they destroy, they kidnap, they kill.  Only these special teens can help to stop them.

Definitely a worthwhile read if you like mystery, suspense, thrills and the good vs. evil plot.  Although it is a Young Adult book, anyone can read it.