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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Friends with Partial Benefits

Friends with Partial Benefits by Luke Young

Rob and Brian are college roommates and best friends.  With spring break approaching, Rob plans on spending time with his girlfriend, but Brian is hurting over a girl he just met.  Rob brings Brian to his home that he grew up in.  Rob’s mother, Jillian, is a romance author and has done well for herself, nice house, pool and tennis court, but she is divorced and hurting in that area.

While Rob goes to meet his girlfriend, Jillian plays hostess to Brian.  Jillian’s friend and neighbor, Victoria, comes over in her itsy, bitsy, nothing left to the imagination, extremely tiny white bikini.  Brian happens to see out the window and gets a rather excited.  When Brian is sleeping, Jillian goes to check in on him, and she gets rather excited.  

Jillian and Brian sit and talk about tennis for what seems like forever to them.  They find they can talk easily to each other, but each other wants more than to talk.  The story goes on about what they want to do with each other, and Victoria with her fearless enthusiasm prompts Jillian to go after what she wants, no matter the age difference.  You’ll have to read for yourself to see what they decide their “partial benefits” is.

Quick, easy read with just enough attention to detail without going overboard to keep the reader entertained.  Small cast of characters also make it easy to follow.  While you may feel bad for Brian and his broken heart, he seems to know how to rebound.  A bit of humor mixed in with the heat of passion.  This goes a bit farther than the student/teacher crush scenario.