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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Tyrker's Tale

Tyrker's Tale by Robin Ingle

Leif and Tosti are the sons of Eirik.  Tyrker is a slave of Eirik, and it is job to take care of the boys, in addition to his other slave duties.  He teaches them swordsmanship and tells them tales to keep them amused.  In addition, they usually visit Runa, the cooks assistant, who gives them small treats.  In a time and place of slaves, it is usually best not to anger your master.

Very short quick read, almost like an essay.  This could actually be an opening chapter for more to come, rather than it’s own story.  While the characters blend well, it needs to be expanded more, with a bit more of a plot.  Overall very good, but you leave wanting more.