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Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Nose Knows

The Nose Knows by Holly L. Lewitas

The story of Dr. Hannah Richards, a psychotherapist, as seen through the eyes of her dog, Spunky.  Spunky and the cats of the house take care of Hannah, a widow whose husband died unexpectedly, or at least unexpectedly for a human, or as Spunky put it, passed over the “Rainbow Bridge”.  Spunky and the cats, however, have great senses, especially smell.  They knew her husband was dying.  Unfortunately, Hannah did not.

Hannah had a traumatic event while she was in a counseling session, and it caused her a great amount of fear.  Years of shutting out the world took quite a bit of work for Jacob and his dog, Quincy.  The friendship and support became a strength for Hannah, until another session caused trouble for not only her, but her patients as well.

Anyone who has dogs and/or cats can relate with how Spunky tells the story.  You can imagine the conversations between animals, their plotting, their love, their guardianship, their moves and their actions.  You’ll also learn how each of the animals came to a part of the household, Hannah’s kindness, love and concern for others.

Humor with a bit of sympathy for Hannah for her emotions of the death of her husband and her fear of going back to work in an office with her patients.  You’ll laugh with the animals and feel for Hannah and her patients.  You’ll turn the pages helping solve who is this mysterious man and why is he bothering Hannah and her patients.  Your inner voice will arise.