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Monday, April 22, 2013

Bleed to Love Her

Bleed to Love Her by David Andrew McGlone

Patrick Nichols is a writer.  He had worked for a newspaper, but became an author and wanted to write about Arthur LaSalle, his wife Catherine Tremayne and their life at Manor House.  He rented the Manor House to study and learn what he could about their lives using the family history.

The family of Arthur LaSalle did not want his seedier side to be written about, only his good side.  Arthur may have loved his son, but he was not always faithful to his wife.  His wife Catherine had kept a secret journal that Patrick found, with a little help, and read.  Maybe his wife was not as crazy as they were lead to believe.  The “Black Lace Lady” that visits him in the night, in his dreams, catches his attention with her beauty and intrigue.  She wishes for Patrick to write “The Truth”.

Patrick begins to learn about Arthur and his wife Catherine’s deaths.  Murder, suicide?  Which one is which?  Who killed who?

Although not considered a short story, it is still a quick read, and with a minimal amount of characters the story flows nicely, from an author seeking to write the truth but finding so much more along the way, to the husband and wife with issues of their own, to the current family who helps to take care of Manor House but wants to keep the image of Arthur in good graces, even keeping you in suspense as to who the “Black Lace Lady” is and what her hold is over men.  Well written and easy to follow while you live with Patrick and the history he finds, keeping you turning pages to find out what really happened all those years ago.