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Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Bones of Others (A Skye Cree Novel)

The Bones of Others (A Skye Cree Novel) by Vickie McKeehan

The subject of child abduction is never one anyone wants to hear, but when you add the twist of murder, prostitution or sex trade, it becomes even worse.

Skye Cree was 12 when she was abducted and raped.  She was lucky to escape, but the loss of her parents a year later was devastating.  Her aunt and uncle forbid her to testify against the man who used her, and he was free to do it over and over again.

Skye made it her lifelong ambition and obsession to bring him to justice one day.  Every night she would walk the streets knowing he would find another innocent victim.  She trained to use her body, as well as weapons, in order to defend herself or others like her in her pursuit.

An odd twist of fate brought her to an alley one night where she rescued Josh Ander from would-be thieves.  He was so amazed by her ability and beauty he made it a point to learn more about her and meet her again.  Although Skye never opened up to anyone about her special ability and gift of a spirit guide, she eventually felt comfortable to open up to Josh, and they became a team in search of helpless victims held against their will.

Josh was able to use his expertise in the internet to locate info on Skye’s abductor.  While they plotted to find him and end his reign for good, what they found tugs at your heart.

A must-read, once you start you won’t want to stop.  Great mix of characters, from the determined Skye to the lowlife who prey on young girls.  Flows nicely and easy to follow, with some Native American legends and beliefs woven in.