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Friday, April 5, 2013

The Prelude

The Prelude by KaSonndra Leigh

A totally different avenue for author KaSonndra Leigh, not your young adult read, but none less worthy of your read.

Erin Angelo lost her father and sister at an early age.  Something she has held to her heart and vowed to kept within her.  Alek Dostov (otherwise known as Aleksandr Dostovsky) is a world famous Maestro.  While Erin finished high school and went on to study fashion design, becoming very good and catching people’s attention, she moved to Milan and began working at Blue Butterfly, a company that was hired to create designs for a new show of Alek’s.  Not only does Erin come up with some riveting designs, she also captures Alek’s heart, not something easily done, and not something he has ever experienced before, especially when he is very used to having women fawn over him.  But Erin is different.

But as in all good stories, the evil lurks.  Alek has a very demanding and protective mother, who still controls a great deal of his adult life.  Add in a secretive past that neither Erin or Alek will discuss with each other.  Both are so consumed with their past they have a difficult time trusting anyone with any details.

In what starts as a relationship “agreement” based on sex, it develops over time.  Their need for each other, in more ways that one, and those who are willing to stand by them and protect them against those who are not.  The twists and turns along the way discovering the reasons behind their fears and guarded nature will keep you turning pages.  Written from both Erin and Alek’s point of view, the story grabs your attention and keeps it.

Definitely an adult romance with a some intimate and graphic details, this is a story of passion, but not just about sex.  Passion to hold onto your deepest fears, secrets and truths and what passion it takes to learn to open up.  Set in Italy, a sexy male with a Russian accent, the small town girl from the US, the controlling mother, the mysteries surrounding both main characters, what’s not to make you want to read more?  Learning to love and trust someone can be difficult.