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Monday, April 22, 2013

Greedy for Life: A Memoir on Aging with Gratitude

Greedy for Life:  A Memoir on Aging with Gratitude by Lori Stevic-Rust

Dr. Lori Stevic-Rust is 50 years old and her Nana, Emily Bernice Sitosky Serian, is 100.  What a wonderful way to pay tribute to someone.

Lori writes using her memories of good times and bad, always keeping her Nana and her influence.  While this is a book on aging, it does show a true family full of love, friendship, trust, understanding and growth.

Not only is there a 100 year old woman, it also includes 4 more generations!  The story goes into different aspects of Lori’s past, including holidays and family traditions, learning what a caregiver really is, true friendship, sports and the realities of life and death.

While Nana had a difficult first 50 years, including physical, emotional and financial struggles, her second 50 years seemed to have made up for it.  Always willing to learn new things and never forgetting to have a sense of humor and laugh.

With minimal characters, you will get the true sense of family.  If only all families could experience this type of closeness.  While the plot is merely a series of chapters highlighting a specific feeling or experience, it will keep you smiling, laughing and feeling for the family during their heartbreaks.  The family closeness throughout the years, and the wonderful celebration of a woman turning 100 is worthy of your time.